About Us

What is a Sirocco?

A Sirocco is a dusty moist oppressive wind that originates in the Arabian or Sahara deserts and reaches hurricane speeds as it moves toward the northern Mediterranean countries.  

We help you use these storms of life for learning, wisdom and inner growth, and journey toward experiencing the calm after the storm.  

How do we support you on your leadership journey?

We primarily use coaching to help you find your own answers, but we will educate and consult, if it will help you achieve your goals and objectives. Consequently, part of our name is called Coach-Consulting.

Our goal is to help you create positive change; thrive with innovation and growth; and achieve a greater sense of confidence, integrity and over-all peace within.

We work with you onsite, virtually and on Winds of Change Farm, a sanctuary of nature for learning and growth.

Who are we?

We are coaching and consulting professionals with years of successful business, leadership, coaching and mentoring experience.  

Our experience includes entrepreneurship, innovation, invention and an earned patent, positions in senior management, sales, marketing, operations and talent management with Board Certified Coach designation.