Purpose, Direction & Job Fit

In what direction are you going?

Do you feel lost, anxious and frustrated?  We help you choose work in which you can excel, experience lasting satisfaction and find fulfillment.

What's your purpose?

Each of us has a personal mission, vision and purpose for our lives.  We just have to dig down inside of ourselves to find it.  It resides in our heart and makes life meaningful.   

What work fits you?

We developed a successful program that helps you answer this question.  It has four parts to it:  Define, Design, Prepare and Pursue and we created a work personality baseline tool to help you find work that fits and is fulfilling.

Do you know your strengths?

We help you discover and maximize your innate gifts and talents, so you can seek work that creates passion, energy and performance.

Does your work promote health?

Do you go to work each day with joy and energy or do you approach each day with dread? Dragging yourself to a job that saps your energy and morale can result in physical manifestations of your unhappiness.  They come in the form of headaches, stomach aches, high blood pressure and other maladies.  We will support you on a journey to health and happiness in your life and work.

What do clients say about us?

"I engaged Sirocco Coach-Consulting to provide me with a personality assessment and evaluation.  The process was thorough and most importantly, extremely helpful for me personally and professionally.  I feel more individuals and businesses should invest in this type of service.  Sirocco Coach-Consulting provided me with a professional and valuable service."

Sanford C. Trado, CPA


True North Financial Group, LLC