A Leader's Journey

There are numerous courses and workshops about leadership today that produce intellectual knowledge.  Leadership is so much more. It's about the heart, the spirit and the emotional nature of the leader. The authentic connection to people is the vital link. It creates a culture of trust, respect and openness that produces the inspiration for engagement, alignment, achievement.  

Most leaders start their journey with acquired skills such as marketing, finance or professional expertise.  Few are aware of their motivating behaviors and needs, strengths, unique offerings to others, or how they make a difference in the world around them.  We coach you to become aware of your inner identity, mission, vision, purpose and values, which are critical to growth and authentic self-expression.  By expanding your use of these inner resources and innate power, you develop a deep trusting relationship with yourself and make decisions based on your own truth. The deep, connected relationship with yourself creates a platform to connect authentically to others, the vital link in authentic leadership. Your authentic self-expression will create value and inspire others to follow with passion and energy.

Leadership development and mastery is a comprehensive process. It's not only about authenticity, presence and the ability to inspire others to follow, but it is also about having good business acumen.  Predictive Index has gone through an extensive process to define what they believe are the top eight qualities of a good leader and wrote a short rubric called, Leadership Development, that outlines those eight qualities. They have also created a Transformational Leader-Checklist that includes four leadership qualities that increase employee motivation, morale and job performance.  You can download these articles at the bottom of this page.  


Leadership Style and Positioning

Part of Leadership Development in addition to assessing gifts and talents and work personality is determining leadership style. We help you determine the best positioning for you to optimize your leadership style and maximize performance and achievement.

Some leadership styles are more suited for unstructured areas and a democratic and participative approach.  Other leadership styles require structure, autocratic and expert methodology.  The question is what type of leadership style patterns are you best suited for and where does the organization have a need for them to fulfill its mission, vision, purpose, strategy, goals and objectives?

As PI Certified Optimization Consultants, we have tools, assessments and a framework that can help you have a better understanding of yourself and others, as well as the proficiency to create a people strategy that aligns with your business strategy for optimal results.



"Joan worked as a coach-consultant to me and my team of four Vice Presidents for a year, meeting with us monthly.  We worked in areas like strengths, building trust among ourselves and with our followers, and recognizing and employing a broader range of situation-appropriate leadership styles.  Joan is an excellent coach!  Even among a group of "seasoned" senior leaders, she engendered a remarkable amount of growth and development.  Joan is a pleasure to work with.  I sincerely recommend her."

Nancy Kerins

Senior Vice President

Production and Delivery

Educational Testing, Inc.