About Us

What is a Sirocco?

A Sirocco is a dusty moist oppressive wind that originates in the Arabian or Sahara deserts and reaches hurricane speeds as it moves toward northern Mediterranean countries.  

We help you use these storms of life for learning, wisdom and inner growth to journey toward experiencing the calm after the storm.  

How do we support you on your leadership journey?

We primarily use coaching to help you find your own answers, but we also educate and consult to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Consequently, part of our name is called Coach-Consulting.

Our goal is to help you create positive change; thrive with innovation and growth; and achieve a greater sense of confidence, integrity and over-all peace within.

We work with you onsite, virtually and on Winds of Change Farm, a sanctuary of nature for learning and growth.

Who are we?

We are coaching and consulting professionals with years of successful business, leadership, coaching and mentoring experience.  

Our experience includes entrepreneurship, innovation, invention and an earned patent, positions in senior management, sales, marketing, operations and talent management with Board Certified Coach designation. 

Our Mission Vision Purpose Values

Our Purpose

Why do we do what we do?

To help people empower and expand themselves, so they can maximize their gifts and talents and live life more abundantly.


What do we envision for the future?

Individuals growing and expanding their way of being using their strengths and purpose to enrich their lives and the lives of others.  Their energy is focused on their gifts, free from self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.  They have joy, passion and a sense of purpose.  As they grow, so do those around them.  New possibilities emerge.  Creativity, courage, determination, flexibility and execution take them to new heights in an ever-changing world.


How do we accomplish our vision and live our purpose?

We encourage, coach and build a foundation upon which people can grow.


Standards of behavior we deem important

Service       Respect       Honesty

Integrity   Excellence   Innovation

Our Guiding Principles

How can we be an engaged culture of achievement

  • Work and live with purpose
  • Look for learning in mistakes, conflict and successes
  • Do our very best work
  • Consciously use our strengths, gifts and talents
  • Be open to change
  • Initiate continuous improvement
  • Support innovation and invention
  • Give feedback versus criticism  
  • Encourage others
  • Educate ourselves continuously
  • Step out and take calculated risks
  • Take our personal power
  • Involve ourselves in personal development
  • Be respectful in all situations


"Joan Starkowsky, in her role as a business coach-consultant to the Millennial Group, has helped the partners to be able to focus on what drives and motivates us to serve our clients.

Her appreciative inquiry style of consulting, which focuses on what we do well and how we can make it better, is a refreshing approach.

One of the things that we appreciate most about Joan is, as a business leader herself, she is not talking just in theory about what we do and how we do it.  She has lived this in her role as president of a subsidiary of a major corporation- and understands the human resources, operations and finance issues related to actually running a successful business.

She has helped us engage our entire team in the process.  Our team feels a pride of authorship and ownership over our mission and vision.  She has also helped us with tools to help put the right team members in the right place, so that we can hire effectively and utilize the skills and gifts of each team member to accomplish our goals."

Jess W. Hurst II, CFP


The Millennial Group