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Engaged employees are passionate, take initiative and are connected to the company. Disengaged employees are putting time in without energy or passion.  Actively disengaged employees are unhappy, spreading discord and discontent.  According to Jim Harter in the December 20th, 2017 Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, "Dismal Employee Engagement is a Sign of Global Mismanagement," "85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work." This leaves only 15% of employees that are engaged!  With employees being the soul of the workplace, "the economic consequences are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity."  This startling statistic indicates its time for a major change.

In order to be engaged, people need to work from their heart.  Work is a life giving expression from within.  Leaders comprehend the heart of their teams when they have experienced their own personal mastery journey (note: A Leader's Journey.)   Leaders achieving self-awareness of their strengths, gifts, talents and values become trustworthy to lead their team on a deeper heartfelt level, acting as a role model of the self-mastery process.

Acquiring knowledge of the team's diverse and unique talents; work personality, thinking/acting strategic preferences, strengths, values, personal mission, vision, and purpose, creates a strong emotional bond increasing trust, meaning and inclusiveness. 

When people find meaning and inclusiveness in their work, they become more engaged, honest, creative, committed and synergistic.  This ignites the soul and spirit of the workplace to come alive.  Discovering each employee's innate talents and utilizing them with their acquired skills enhances team effectiveness opening the door to high performance and achievement. 

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"I highly recommend Joan Starkowsky for anyone who is looking to change, better their careers and find personal happiness.   At first, I thought I would attend a few sessions with Joan and be on my way to happiness, a sense of self and live more productively in a career that was a better fit for me. However, I found it involves a personal journey with months of digging deep inside studying my behaviors, strengths and challenges and minimizing those holding me back while maximizing my potential.  I came to realize that I am a special, unique individual with numerous abilities and talents.

I've learned we need to "fit the right job to ourselves" rather than "fit ourselves to the job," and that it's crucial we find our real "passion" in life.  Joan takes you on that ride to find your passion and it is truly apparent that Joan herself lives her own passion while doing so.

When I look back and write down all I have accomplished, I would have never believed it had someone foretold me years ago that I would be doing this process.  Thanks for pushing me to see the positive in everything I do!"

Lucy Stinard

Regional Manager

Occupational Health

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