Equine Assisted Coaching

What is Equine Assisted Coaching? Do I ride a horse?

It is a method of learning through the use of horses as partners in a safe learning environment.  It is used with both non horse people and people familiar with horses.  The coaching process is done on the ground with a focus on being authentic.  There is no riding or horsemanship.

What makes a horse a special learning partner?

Horses exemplify the essence of leadership and teamwork in their herd behavior.  They are prey animals who are highly sensitive to energy, emotions, and the environment around them.  They pick up on body changes such as breathing and muscle tension and act as a mirror to the human-being.  They give authentic feedback without judgement and are perfect partners to assist in your growth process.

How will I do Equine Assisted Coaching?

Your coach will work with you and a horse of your choice in a slow and gradual method to introduce you to the work.  As you feel more comfortable, you will graduate to a higher level of interaction with your horse.  You will learn by experimenting with new approaches and interactions as your coach asks you questions and gives feedback.

What will I learn working with a horse?

You will increase awareness of your inner and outer language, emotions, body sensations and energy and practice authenticity.  This will enable you to take action and expand your personal power, presence and communication skills, which are necessary in order to engage others.

What are the benefits of equine assisted coaching?

You will learn in a relaxed natural environment conducive to openness and  learning outside the walls of conference rooms and institutions. You will accelerate and retain your learning because you will embody it through experience, which engages your whole being; intellect, emotions and body versus relying on intellectual memorization with minimal retention.  

What do our clients say about learning with horses?

"My work with Joan and her horse helped me connect authentically with myself and supported me to become aware of how I keep myself from owning my power at work and in life."

Laurie Zuckerman

President & Consultant

Zuckerman Consulting Group, Inc.