Winds of Change Farm Learning Center

Experiential Learning with Nature

Harness the power of your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual being through nature's inspiration and "step out" for change.  You will open your imagination, creativity and thought to achieve meaningful learning and positive outcomes.  

Winds of Change Farm is a natural and relaxed environment outside the confines of institutions, corporate or hotel conference rooms where people can enjoy learning surrounded by the beauty of nature.  Nature has a way of opening people to learning and growth like no other place.  This beautiful sanctuary provides a private setting for individual, group and team coaching and consulting, along with equine assisted coaching for the following programs:

  • A Leader's Journey 
  • Leading the Employee Experience
  • Senior Leadership Team Alignment 
  • Maximizing Team Natural Strengths and Talents
  • Transition, Change and Reinvention for Leaders
  • Self-CEO Well-Being for Leaders
  • Self-CEO Success Over Stress
  • Personal or Professional Coaching Retreats
  • Customized Programs

We integrate our horses, cats and therapy dogs for unique experiential learning and decision-making. Animals can do what no human can do in helping others because they are soft and comforting, loving and non judgmental. We have seen many people "step out" and accomplish things they didn't think possible because of a dog, cat or horse's participation in their process.

The depth of relaxation and excitement that people enjoy at the farm are many times due to petting a cat or dog or grooming a beautiful quiet horse.  These activities can remove learning blocks, move the process forward and assist in goal attainment.  

Participate in our Hoof & Heart Equine Assisted Coaching Experience. Practice and expand authenticity, relating communication and a host of other leadership skills with our coaches and equine partners.  Have fun while you learn!

We create custom programs to fulfill your needs.  Let us know what you want to accomplish and we will put together an exciting program with or without animal participation. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives.

Winds of Change Farm Video

Watch as a young woman brings the horses in from the field while exercising her leadership skills and presence, consisting of verbal and non verbal language, emotions and body energy.  As you can see, the horse leader is challenging her directives, but she is staying respectful and consistent in her communication.  Observe the horses' response.  Did they honor her request?

Created by Daniel Hancock Photography