Design and Align your Leadership Teams

Is your leadership team in 100% alignment? How do you know? 

The PI Strategy Assessment will help uncover misalignment and open the door for an important conversation.  Cohesiveness matters and is critical for business strategy success. To find out more, download the pdf articles below.  Put these great tools to work along with our leadership team coaching and consulting.  Learn how we can help you align and optimize your leadership team talent for optimal results.  


Coaching Leadership Teams

We coach executives, leaders, management teams and leader groups through the leadership mastery process. We work with the leader, team and/or group to enhance authenticity, develop chemistry and alignment, maximize gifts and talents, embrace diversity, build trust and engagement in order to achieve excellent outcomes.  

Our coaching creates self awareness, acknowledgement and action to establish new behaviors and sustainable change. Groups and teams support each other through sharing, questioning and giving feedback.  As a result, the members develop trust, close relationships and a deep sense of belonging. 

On a company level, we provide guidance in establishing an authentic mission, vision and purpose that inspires employee connection and sets company direction. In addition, we assist in defining company values and guiding principles to drive an engaged culture toward achievement.


Our Working Philosophy

We believe in experiential learning in addition to intellectual knowledge. Intellectual knowledge is reading, writing, or memorizing educational material.  Experiential learning is when you act out learning. You embody learning on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level creating deeper learning and retention.

We ask our coaching clients to observe themselves and practice learning on the job and apply it in different venues. This establishes new habit patterns and ways of being, enabling our clients to move forward on their Leader Journey with engagement, alignment and achievement.



"Joan Starkowsky, in her role as a business coach-consultant to the Millennial Group, has helped the partners focus on what drives and motivates us to serve our clients.

One of the things that we appreciate most about Joan is, as a business leader herself, she is not talking just in theory about what we do and how we do it.  She has lived this in her role as president of a subsidiary of a major corporation and understands the human resources, operations and finance issues related to actually running a successful business.

She has helped us engage our entire team in the process.  Our team feels a pride of authorship and ownership over our mission and vision.  She has also helped us with tools to help put the right team members in the right place, so that we can hire effectively and utilize the skills and gifts of each team member to accomplish our goals."

Jesse W. Hurst II, CFP


The Millennial Group