Teen & Young Adult Personal Mastery

Preparing for a life of health, meaning and fulfillment

The world is a diverse place with vast opportunities.  Each person offers something unique in the global perspective, but often questions their purpose and contribution to the world.  Investing in a self mastery journey will help them build upon their own sense of self and create a stronger identity through self awareness.  

The self exploration process supports the individual in answering the overwhelming question of "who am I" that can take a lifetime to answer.  Self knowledge relieves the anxiety and insecurity created by transitions, especially those experienced by youth going from student/dependent to adult/independent. It helps empower them to make the right educational choices to prepare for meaningful and fulfilling work, and a healthy life.

For students of leadership, personal mastery provides the core principles of authenticity, empowerment, self expression and service to others.  Whether they aspire to be a thought leader, an entrepreneur, lead an organization or team, the awakening that results from the profound work of self-mastery will help them realize their potential on their path to learning leadership. 

The goal is to cultivate engaged and dynamic young people and adults through developing inner strength and the understanding of their innate gifts and talents, strengths, work personality, thinking and acting preferences, personal mission, vision and purpose, values and interests.  

Their study takes place in an environment that encourages openness and growth and uses practical applications.  These applications are integrated into all aspects of their life, aligning with work, educational pursuits, home, outside activities, social life, volunteer work or community projects.

Our program takes place at:

  • Winds of Change Farm Learning Center, where we integrate experiential learning with fun using horses and therapy dogs. 
  • Onsite with or without therapy dogs
  • Virtually

We do group and individual coaching in our programs.  Please contact us if you are interested in individual or group coaching outside of the programs and we"ll discuss your needs and options.,