The Employee Experience Path to Engagement


The Heart of the Organization

The heart of an organization is its people. They power the business and its strategy. It would only make sense that the people’s experience would be a priority and driven by senior leadership and leaders at all levels.


The Heart of the Leader


Leaders comprehend the heart and experience of their teams when they have taken a self-mastery journey to their own heart place. 

Leaders engaging in self-awareness, open and honest communication, who utilize their natural strengths, talents and values, evolve into being more authentic. Their focus becomes broader than their self-interest and are now able to lead others on a deeper heartfelt level. They act as a role model of the self-mastery process demonstrating transparency, trustworthiness and a compassionate concern for their people.   


The Soul & Spirit of the People


Work is a life-giving expression from within. Leaders must ensure that each person hired experiences the alignment of their natural talents to the targeted job and are inspired to use those natural talents. This will bring passion, energy and high performance in their work provided they are aligned with their direct supervisor, work teams and the culture of the organization.

When people find meaning and inclusiveness in their work, they become more engaged, honest, creative, committed and synergistic.  This ignites the soul and spirit of the workplace and its energy comes alive.