Self CEO: Success Over Stress


Self CEO: Success Over Stress

Self CEO means "self care for effective operating." You can ask yourself, for example, how well you operate with 4 or 5 hours of sleep or one or two fast food meals a day trying to keep up with a demanding pace. You can question any aspect of your performance and become aware of habits that create stress.  The more awareness you have the better chance of getting to the root of your stress and making positive changes toward better health and well being. 

Stress can affect leadership effectiveness and diminish engagement projecting disengagement to the organization.  It can cause low energy and lack of motivation, forgetfulness, blowing up, poor decision-making and fearfulness. In this coaching and educational program you take a deep dive within, examine stress inducing factors and behaviors, ways they produce stress, and how they effect you. 

You will implement a Self CEO plan that helps you make the necessary changes in order to reduce stress and operate more effectively.  We introduce you to stress relieving techniques to support your Self CEO plan, one of which is "Stress Breathers for Leaders," created to align with a leader's fast pace schedule.  You choose and practice the techniques that work best for you.


Leader As Self CEO

As leaders, we are accountable for the performance of our organizations and achieving positive results.  This heavy responsibility can create pressure and stress.  "Over 88% of leaders report that work is a primary source of stress in their lives and that having a leadership role increases the stress. (Center for Creative Leadership, Campbell, Baltes, Martin, Meddings. 2007, " The Stress of Leadership.")  Can you relate to this?  Are you coming home in a very stressful state?

What is your state of well-being when your leadership demands long hours, in addition to your roles in your family, community, social and recreational life?  Can you be effective in making health and well-being a priority with this lifestyle?  In many cases you probably aren't and are distracted by pain and other maladies like so many other leaders.


Stress Breathers for Leaders

Taking a breather is a temporary break from a physical or mental activity to stop, rest, relax or "catch your breath."  Are you dashing to a meeting, rushing to the airport or trying to beat a deadline?  Do you feel tense, irritated, tired or anxious?   Trying to reduce stress with no time for a massage or yoga? Seize a Stress Breather to reduce stress, remain fresh, balanced, and effective. 

Stress Breathers are short techniques developed by Sirocco Well-Being for leaders no matter where they are.  Their goal is to encourage focusing on stress relief often throughout the day to stay in balance.  They provide an avenue for each leader to seriously commit to taking their own power over stress.  

Stress Breathers can be introduced in a meeting, a speaking presentation or in a Self CEO: Success Over Stress Workshop, customized to fit your event time parameters.