Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

Leading Authentically to 

Engage, Align, Perform


Discover how you can lead authentically, connect to your people, maximize their gifts and talents, and inspire them to greatness!

We help leaders connect to their authentic self, define and cultivate their innate gifts and talents and optimize their leadership style, so they can lead by strength and maximize their team talent.

Authentic leaders know that utilizing the gifts and talents of their people is their competitive edge in the marketplace.  When people are using their talents, they are creatively engaged and achieve at a high level whether they are selling or welding.  

Talent is everywhere because all people have natural gifts and talents, but it has to be identified, cultivated and optimized and that is where we can help you!

Engage and align others for high performance

Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC provides executive, leadership, personal and professional coaching, consulting, teaching and speaking engagements.  

We offer individual, team and group coaching onsite, virtually, and on Winds of Change Farm Learning Center.  Our clients have a unique opportunity for learning through the integration of horses, therapy dogs, and cats.

Build a strong inclusive and diverse team

Winds of Change Farm is a sanctuary that provides a natural setting for learning and growth.  It is perfect for meetings and retreats, leadership and personal development, team chemistry, discovering gifts and talents and stress-relief.  Activities are available with or without animal integration.


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