Joan's Leadership Journey


My Leadership Journey

As former founder and president of a Fortune 500 subsidiary, I had my share of performance anxiety. My entrepreneurial company had to achieve high profit and growth goals to justify capital investment. Otherwise, we might cease to exit.  

I worked on leadership mastery in order to create and inspire a high performing work team and grow a sustainable business.  As a result, we accomplished what seemed to be the impossible. We reached our double digit goals and flourished. Despite the performance pressure, we all experienced growth, health and wellbeing.

Before I could be a good leader, I worked on self-knowledge and self-awareness. I came to know my own gifts and talents, as well as my personal challenges in order to be my best self. I utilized a coach to assist with my practice of personal growth.  These actions enabled me to effectively implement four important factors that influence engagement and produce excellent outcomes:

  • Authenticity, trust, compassion and connection
  • Clear and focused direction
  • Utilization of strengths and talents
  • An environment of balance, health and wellbeing.


"Joan at Sirocco Coach-Consulting worked with our leadership team of which I am a member.  I feel fortunate to be the recipient of her outstanding insight and coaching.  Thanks to her ability to effectively use tools, such as Strengths Based Leadership, she was able to help us all better recognize our unique strengths and how as a team, we could more effectively leverage each others' strengths to greatly improve our output.  Not only do I see the benefit of her work with us each day, I find work more enjoyable as well.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in growing as a leader."

Daniel Wakeman


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