Talent Optimization

An organization is a group of people organized for a purpose. To have optimum business success, it must have designed leadership, culture, and team dynamics to form a people strategy that aligns with and powers its business strategy.  The Predictive Index Talent Optimization is a discipline that provides business leaders with a framework and tools to design their culture, roles, and teams to maximize business results.  This framework is made up of four areas:

  • Diagnose:  Measure people data to diagnose root cause of problems and take action
  • Design:  Leverage people data to deliberately design leadership, culture and team dynamics
  • Hire:  Define the job roles an organization needs and match the right person to role requirements
  • Inspire:  Provide insights employees need to manage themselves and their workplace 


How Chick-fil-a Achieved 30% Growth Using PI Talent Optimization!

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Over the past 12 years, Sirocco Coach-Consulting has helped numerous companies reach and surpass their goals. Partnering with The Predictive Index enables us to offer our clients quick yet powerful data collection, easy-to-use business applications, insightful management workshops, and expert consulting, so you too can achieve your goals & objectives!

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Hiring for Performance and Retention

One of leaderships' greatest concerns is having the right people in the right jobs and retaining them.  For the most part, if a person has the acquired skills (educational training) necessary to do the job and company values, they are seen as qualified.  However, they may not actually fit the job if their motivating drives and needs don't align with the job description.

Sirocco Coach-Consulting works with leaders to define the roles needed in their organization and then matches the right people to those requirements.  When both motivational drives and needs are coupled with the candidates acquired skills and company values, the person will be the right fit with a foundation for being an engaged employee.  

If there is a shortage of talent and the organization strategically decides to hire untrained candidates and provide them with external or internal training, it would be very important to determine the candidates' motivating drives and needs and identify job fit before engaging in a costly training investment. 

How PI Hiring has helped Marilynn Duker grow her business

We congratulate Marilyn Duker on being named 2019 Business Leader of the year by Loyola University's Sellinger School of Business.  Hear what she has to say about PI Hiring: