Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC
Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

Leading Authentically to Engage, Align & Achieve


Leading Authentically to Engage, Align & Achieve

Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC


Discover how you can lead authentically, connect to your people, maximize their gifts and talents, and together inspire greatness!

We coach leaders to connect to their authentic self, define and cultivate their innate gifts, talents and values to optimize their leadership style and effectiveness.  As a result, they will lead by inner strength, create  trust and engagement and maximize their team talent for high performance.  We work onsite, virtually and at Winds of Change Farm Learning Center.

Authentic leaders know that optimizing the gifts and talents of their people is their competitive edge in the marketplace.  When people are using their talents, they are creatively engaged and achieve at a high level whether they are managing, selling or welding.  

Talent is everywhere because all people have natural gifts and talents, but it has to be identified, cultivated and optimized and that is where we can help you.


Take Charge of your well-being for Life/work balance

Balance is the key for managing health and well-being for successful leadership.  When leaders connect to their authentic self, they are aligned in their words, body sensations, feelings and thoughts and project this inner harmony out to others. This creates health and trust, whereas disharmony creates dis-ease, conflict and distrust.  Are you experiencing balance and harmony in your life?

The pressures of senior leadership responsibility and goal attainment can create stress, whether positive or negative.  Fortunately, there are resources, tips, and strategies that you can take advantage of with our coaching and educational programs "Self CEO: Well-Being for Leaders" and "Self CEO: Success Over Stress." 

Self CEO means, "Self care for effective operating." 

What's your operating plan? 


Build and lead a strong inclusive and diverse team

Winds of Change Farm is a sanctuary that provides a natural setting for leader and/or team learning and growth.  It is perfect for meetings, workshops and retreats.  It's a place where you can connect on a deeper level with yourself and the members of your team and develop chemistry needed for engagement, alignment and high performance. 


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Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC,

Leading Authentically to Engage, Align and Achieve

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