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Discover how you can create trust, connect to your people, maximize their gifts and talents, and together achieve great results!

We coach leaders to connect to their authentic self, define and cultivate their innate talents and values to optimize their leadership style and effectiveness.  As a result, they lead by inner strength, create  trust and engagement and maximize their team talent for high performance.  

On the organizational side of our offerings, our partnership with The Predictive Index enables us to work with leaders to empower their organizations and align their people strategy with their business strategy for optimal business results.  The Predictive Index, provides the platform to streamline and make this possible.  They are the leader in Talent Optimization with over 8000 clients, over 142 countries, and 150 partners. 


Sirocco Coach-Consulting is a Certified Partner of Predictive Index, LLC

Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC is excited to partner with Predictive Index, which adds a scientifically validated, data driven tool and platform that helps diagnose, design, hire and inspire organizations. 

Partnering with The Predictive Index enables us to offer our clients quick yet powerful data collection, easy-to-use business applications, insightful management workshops, and expert consulting.  

We are looking forward to sharing how you can use these tools to create a people strategy that will power your business strategy for optimal results.  

Reach out to us and learn how we can assist you in transforming your organization with this partnership.


Optimize Talent for Strong Diverse Teams

Authentic leaders know that optimizing the talents of their people is their competitive edge in the marketplace.  When people are using their talents, they are creatively engaged and achieve at a high level whether they are managing, selling or welding.  

Talent is everywhere because all people have natural gifts and talents, but it has to be identified, cultivated and optimized and that is where we can help you.

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Surviving COVID-19

How can you enable your company to adapt to uncertain and changing circumstances and emerge stronger? 

We invite you to download "Surviving an Economic Downturn" and more to navigate your business through this devastating health and economic storm.

We stand ready to help, as you tackle the challenges ahead.

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