Self CEO: Well-Being for Leaders


Healthy Leaders Build Healthy Organizations

Running the business effectively with positive results is the primary concern of leaders.  Compromised leader health and well-being can create leadership disengagement, negatively impacting the engagement and health of the organization.  The leader's focus and behavior shifts from the business to the well-being struggle.  We have created Self CEO Well-Being for Leaders to keep the executive team balanced, healthy, and focused on business performance and achievement.  

Self CEO means Self Care for Effective Operating. It inspires leaders and their organizations to take charge of their well-being using self-initiated care.  As coaches, we target the Sirocco Seven elements of well-being: physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, financial, relationships, purposeful work, and community.  Our objective is to coach leaders to free themselves from self-limitation, engage their gifts and talents, and pursue a mindset and behaviors that address challenges, and achieve a sense of well-being. 


Are you a Self CEO Ready for a Journey?

We coach Self CEO's to use a process of questioning, reflection and self discovery to take action and create positive change on their path to well-being.

We invite you to call upon your strengths, courage, resilience, persistence, and curiosity to ask two questions of yourself," What would you like to improve in your areas of leadership and personal well-being, and how can you get there?  These are two big questions, but they will start you thinking about your present and future states in powerfully positive ways.  

Most of us have gaps in components of well-being that we suffer or struggle with.  Even in the areas that we thrive in, it takes effort to sustain a thriving level.  According to Gallup's Tom Rath and Jim Harter, The Five Essential Elements of Well-Being, 2010, 66% are doing well in at least one of these areas, just 7% are thriving in all five.

If you want to close any gaps in components of well-being in your life and move forward on a path to success, we would be happy coach you on your path. 


Start Your Well-Being Journey

Our Self CEO Well-Being for Leaders Coaching Program empowers the human spirit to reach new heights and soar despite the siroccos or storms that blow in and out of life creating winds of change.

Self CEO Well-Being is directly linked to health promotion, disease prevention, and maintaining health from the inside out without being motivated by outside incentives. You have the freedom to choose new health patterns, set goals, make and sustain changes and transition to greater well-being and more effective leadership of others. 

Do you want to:

  • feel more passion and energy in your daily life? 
  • feel closer and more connected in your relationships?
  • experience less stress and overwhelm?
  • enjoy a better sense of belonging in your community?
  • have meaning, purpose and fulfillment in your work?
  • improve your financial security?
  • learn better coping skills to manage loss or change?